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AR Terraformer

This was a uniquely challenging project; Dan Miller and I were tasked with building a demo showcase of Unity's Augmented Reality features for GDC 2019. The showcase was to demonstrate a variety of rendering and interaction techniques with AR Foundation and run entirely at 60FPS on smartphones & tablets (Android and iOS)

I was a developer and technical artist on the project; and my contributions were:

  • Create shaders for rendering augmented reality content.

    • Applying light estimation for matching real-world lighting data.

    • Adjusting PBR content to blend in with camera input.

    • Custom shadow cut-out plane for augmented shadow projection.

    • 'Predator' invisible shader effect for refracting real world and augmented content together.

    • Dissolve effect for blending between PBR and Refraction shaders.

  • Profiling on devices (iOS and Android) and optimizing shaders to ensure solid 60FPS performance.

  • Collaborating with the AR developer so that rendering effects combined well with AR data and interactions.

The project had a very short timeline and was a challenge to develop a lot of brand new rendering techniques together whilst collaborating remotely between San Francisco and Copenhagen. But we finished the project in time with a perfect AR frame rate and it was a highlight of Unity's GDC 2019 Keynote!

Dan Miller also gave an in-depth technical talk about the tricks and techniques we integrated:


Main Collaborators

Brittany Edmond - Project Lead & Head of Product Marketing Dan Miller - AR Developer



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