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Dragon Crashers

This project is Unity Technologies' official flagship 2D Game. The purpose was to incorporate the majority of Unity engine's 2D features & workflows into one game scenario.

The genre we decided upon was a 2D side-scroll idle-RPG that would run on at-the-time 4 year-old smart-phones; and featuring fantasy characters that battle enemy skeletons and a dragon boss!

I was the lead game developer of the game project and collaborated very closely with the art director Mind Jar on the content pipeline.

My contributions of the project were:

  • Project architecture and structure; including coding standards.

  • Programming 95% of the game's mechanics and systems.

  • Designing and creating 50% of the character's VFX and Shaders.

  • Implementing a wide variety of content such as SFX, UI, Cutscenes, Animations, etc

  • Profiling and optimizing the project to run performantly on 4-year-old smart phones.

  • Preparing and tidying the project for release.

  • Delivering feedback directly to 2D R&D team to improve feature workflows.

The project was first released publicly on March 2021 and is available on the Unity Asset Store.

I also co-wrote an official Unity blogpost detailing various parts of the project such as code architecture.

It was used in Unity's GDC 2021 Showcase Keynote to demonstrate next-level 2D gaming.

Unity's Korea Team invited me to deliver a deep-dive presentation on the asset pipeline of the project for their annual Unite Seoul conference.


Main Collaborators Eduardio Oriz - Project Lead & Marketing

Mahmoud Al Jabban - Producer

Mind Jar Design - Art & Animation Director Chema Damak - UI Programmer


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