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I took part in GMTK Game Jam 2022 with 2 other game developers to build a small game in 48 hours. The theme was 'Roll The Dice'. We decided to create a game where you controlled a wizard duck who rolled magic dice to cast spells. Depending on the dice roll number would depend on the spell; with spell results ranging from a shower of coins, spawning more dice or even negative effects to the wizard duck! After you have magickly created new coins, you can throw them into the magic orb to add the coin to your bank. However, there are some thief crows that are out to stop your accumulation of wealth; they steal your coins and dice and throw them off of the island and away from your reach.

I was a game developer and technical artist on the project; and my main contributions were:

  • Programming the physics-based character controller for the player duck and enemy crows.

  • Programming the enemy AI states: wandering, patrolling, stealing, confusion, etc

  • Implementing character models, rigs and animations from our team's artist.

  • Implementing music and SFX.

  • Creating shaders for all the characters, environment, spell states and VFX.

  • Implementing UI visuals.

Out of 6,147 submitted games for the game jam, Duckpot placed in rankings:

  • Presentation: Top 1.8%

  • Creativity: Top 3.6%

  • Overall: Top 4.8%

But the main reward for the game jam was a chance to collaborate with two friends and make something fun and experimental. :)

The game can be downloaded through Itch.

This video below was the result of the physics character controller by the end of the first evening!


Main Collaborators

Kal O'Brien - Technical Artist & Animator Ethan Bruins - Programmer

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