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2021 -> 2022


Gigaya was a AA Game Project being developed by the Internal Game Productions team at Unity Technologies.

The project's purpose was to build a game from start to finish and during this process provide direct feedback to internal R&D teams on features and workflows to improve the Unity engine. The intention was for the project to be released to the public; through game stores and public source access so that the game development community could benefit from learning it's best practices, project architecture and custom tools. Unfortunately, Unity Technologies made the decision to cancel the project during it's final stages of development and make the entire Internal Game Productions Team redundant. The project was announced at GDC 2022.

I was a core game developer and tools programmer on the project from the very beginning (June 2021). The team size began with 7 and reached 15 before it was cancelled. My contributions to the project:

  • Architecting and developing the hero's physics-based character controller from scratch.

  • Developing a variety of game mechanic systems such as Collectables, Breakables, Puzzles, Platformer Machines (IE: Elevators), SFX, UI, etc

  • Structuring asset pipelines for the team's animator to bring in content and iterate on it within the game's setup.

  • Collaborating with the game designer to build custom tooling to implement various game flow mechanics and iterate on these during runtime.

  • Building custom SFX tooling for SFX designer to iterate on the game's audio during runtime.

  • Various performance investigations and fixing for VFX, SFX, Physics, Animation, etc

  • Delivering data and feedback to Unity Technologies R&D teams on feature usage and workflow lessons discovered.

For an overview on the project:

An indepth presentation at GDC 2022 that highlights the Internal Game Production team, our philosophy, Gigaya's game systems, mechanics etc.


Main Collaborators Victoria Polyak - Producer Ciro Continisio - Tech Lead

Amel Nega - Programmer Alexandre Kikuchi - Programmer Christo Nobbs - Game Designer

Juan Puerta - Character Artist Jason Robertson - Character Animator

Elliott Cottell - Art Director Francisco Cruz - Environment Artist Bruno Gagne - VFX Artist

Jens-Peter Broderson - SFX Designer


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