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Imp Dungeon

This project was part of Unity Technologies' Hack Week 2021. I set myself the challenge of learning Godot Engine and building a small game with it; in just 4 days. I have always been fascinated with experimenting with different tools and technologies; and this was an opportunity to dive in to a completely new engine to me and have fun! Imp Dungeon is a typical pixel-art survival click-shooter. Survive the endless onslaught of Imps in a very small arena; with the only means of beating them is your bow and infinite arrows. The game also has a lot of object permanence; arrows stick to walls, an imp's death results in a skull being left on the floor and when your character, the blue knight, perishes their (blue) skull also remains between sessions. This gave me an opportunity to experiment with Godot's instancing system! I was a game developer on this project and my contributions were:

  • Learning Godot Engine from scratch; interface API, art pipeline, etc

  • Designing and developing all of the game's systems (using GDScript)

  • Implementing SFX, artwork, UI, VFX, etc.

  • Documenting my experiences and forwarding the information to Unity's internal R&D teams.


Assets Used

16x16 Dungeon Tileset by 0x72

'Battle' by Jahzzar

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