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Lost Crypt

This demo project was designed and developed to showcase Unity's 2019 improvements in 2D Features; in Lighting, VFX, Shaders and Animation.

It focuses on an explorer called Sara, who navigates through a forest to discover a crypt; and when inside, activates a relic that transforms herself and the lighting environment around her.

I was a technical VFX artist on the project and my main responsibilities where:

  • Creating 2D VFX, lighting & shaders for the environment.

  • Creating cutscene VFX for the relic cutscene where the world shifts from day to night.

  • Structuring, tidying and optimizing the project for release.

  • Collaborating with B2TGame on best practices for using the new 2D Features.

  • Documenting and structuring the outgoing marketing materials for the game development community.

The project was released onto the Unity Asset Store on December 2019.

I helped with workflow and technical information for the official project overview blogpost.

I also co-presented the project in the Unite Copenhagen 2019 keynote.

I also delivered 1-hour in-depth webinar covering the 2D rendering techniques and workflows used:


Main Collaborators Eduardo Oriz - Project Lead & Marketing

B2TGame - External Development Studio

Andre Cardoso - VFX Consultant


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