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Retro FPS

In Unity Technologies' Internal Games Production team, we organized games jams to meet new team members and experiment with new ideas.

In April 2022, we hosted one of these events and I was part of a small team that formed to create a 'Modern Day Retro FPS' game; mixing old-school techniques with the latest rendering technologies.

I was a programmer on the project and my main contributions were:

  • Developing the view-based 8 directional billboard system for the enemies.

  • Developing the flipbook billboard system for the weapon animations and states.

  • Developing the Enemy AI: patrol, alert, attack, death states.

  • Developing the system for sampling enemy sprite to then be VFX particle dissolved when killed.

The project was a fun challenge in balancing these opposite rendering workflows and it was a rewarding experience to learn new workflows from new team members!


Main Collaborators

Janus Kirkegaard - Project Lead and Environment Artist Peter Andreasen - Programmer

Julien Heijmans - Technical Artist & Programmer

Bruno Gagne - VFX Artist Anton Kozlov - Character Artist

Jais Bredsted - Character Animator



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