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Starter Assets

This project goal was to completely overhaul the default character controllers that come out-of-the-box with Unity engine. These both offer First and Third Person drag-and-drop setups aimed at a quick foundation for beginners and a resource for prototyping.

I joined the project towards the end of the development timeline; with the mission of adding mobile input controls so that the character controllers would work on phones, tablets and touch-screen devices.

My main contributions were:

  • Architecting and developing generic virtual input systems: for virtual joystick, virtual button and virtual touch zone.

  • Collaborating with the main project developer so that these virtual inputs act as an extension layer ontop of the character controllers (They can be easily disabled for non-touchscreen projects)

  • Ensuring that the virtual inputs also work with mouse for in-editor simulation.

  • Testing the virtual inputs on a variety of mobile devices (Android, iOS)

The project was released onto the Unity Asset Store in June 2021; and is one of the most downloaded projects with over 4k favourites and over 100 positive reviews. An official Unity blogpost giving an overview of the project upon release.

The project was also released directly to the Unity Hub to Unity's million+ monthly active users as a template.


Main Collaborators Christo Nobbs - Game Designer & Developer


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