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Supernova was a sample game project being built at Unity Technologies. The intention was to build a project that was inspired by Starfox, Starlink: Battle for Atlas, No Man's Sky and Star Wars; a scenario of sci-fi spaceships battling over an open-world terrain! Unfortunately, the project was cancelled by Unity Technologies, whilst we were in development, due to department refocusing. However, we were able to extract and re-use some of the assets & code for other demo projects and learning materials.

I was the project lead and main developer and my contributions were:

  • Defining the project's outline, scope and structure.

  • Gathering research into similar games and products.

  • Collaborating directly with Virtuos on outsourcing key hero assets and iterating on their design and model structure.

  • Creating the hero asset PBR shaders with support for detail mask maps for region-based variation.

  • Setting up the Universal Render Pipeline.

  • Developing core systems of the game such as the spaceship controller.

  • Implementing generated terrain data combined with my own custom terrain shader.

  • Setting up the pipeline for localization of text and inputting that data into the game.

  • Preparing and tidying the assets for extraction-use in other internal Unity projects.

Below is a collection of materials and resources from the project; including some videos demonstrating the assets being re-adapted after the cancellation.

In-engine renders of the hero spaceships:


Examples of the detail mask map shader I created for spaceship variation through region color mapping:


Environment buildings that I setup in-engine with the aim of modularity (including LODs)


A video of the prototype of the spaceship controller I developed:

A selection of video tutorials and webinars using the hero assets:


Main Collaborators

Virtuos - Asset Outsourcing

Andre McGrail - Technical Artist Consultant

Dave Hunt - Tech Artist & Animator



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