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2013 -> 2022

Unity Technologies

I was a part of Unity Technologies! I joined Unity when there were only 300 employees and left when there were 5000+.

Over the course of those 9 years, I wore many 'hats'. I started as a EMEA Technical Evangelist, then became a Global Content Developer and ended as a Senior Game Developer.

Each role balanced three main focuses:

  1. Designing and developing game projects & content with the Unity game engine; learning the latest features, implementing in-depth best practices and developing useful code & pipelines.

  2. Supporting the global game development community; through workshops, technical talks, keynotes, studio visits, meetings, tech support, forums, webinars, social media, etc. Helping the Unity community to build faster and better games and interactive projects!

  3. Collaborating with Unity's R&D teams; providing direct feedback, from own findings & community experience, to the lead engineers to help improve the engine.

It was very rewarding & inspirational to first-hand see the game development community grow and evolve; and discussions shift over the decade from "I have never heard of Unity..." to "Of course we know Unity! We use it every single day!" :)


In my roles, I had the unique opportunity to travel alot. I ended up visiting 33 different countries to meet game development communities and studios of all sizes!

I have given presentations & technical talks in a wide variety of venues and locations; including universities, a cinema, a football club, a sculpture museum, a farm stable, an ice-hockey arena, a bowling alley, a boat and even a sauna!


I was fortunate enough to be a key part of many Unity Conferences Keynotes around the world; with my involvement being both building and presenting the latest improvements, flagship projects & exciting tools.

Below is my selection of my personal highlights:

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