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2022 -> 2023

Word Tag

In October 2022, I joined Mrs Wordsmith; an education company focused on making learning fun for kids! Specifically, I joined the team that is designing, developing & maintaining one of the company's core products; a game called Word Tag.

Word Tag is a mobile 3rd person platformer which fuses a combination of realtime core gameplay with learning activities in spelling, pronunciation and vocabulary. It is a live game, with an emphasis of updating frequently with more content (levels, items, mechanics) to keep the core audience (ages 7 to 13) returning, playing and learning every day!

On the team, I am a senior game developer embedded in an already established team of 15; 6 of which are engineers.

My contributions on the project are:

  • Implementing new interaction mechanics; such as carryable physics objects and moving platforms.

  • Iterating on existing mechanics; such as skating controls, camera, input.

  • Building custom tools to help other team members (Artists, Level Designers) to improve & speed up their workflows.

  • Collaborating with Animator to integrate animations into character's logic.

  • Investigating areas for improving performance.

  • Maintenance through bug fixing across gameplay systems.

The project was first released publicly July 2021 and had recieved frequent updates since then. Since joining the company, I have contributed to 6 of these updated releases! The project page for the game has more indepth information. You can also download the game for iOS and Android.


Main Collaborators

Mrs Wordsmith - Company

Christian Rask - Executive Producer

Martin Skytte Kristensen - Lead Engineer

Gabriel Jadderson - Game Developer

Daisy Murphy - Level Designer

Michala Gjol - Level Designer

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